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Making fun of soldiers is not a good idea

A Fox News host apologized today for mocking Canada and its military on his very-late-night program which apparently treats the news as something to be laughed at and ridiculed.

This story has been updated a few times during the day. At first it was just talking about the online reaction to the video which is circulating on the webosphere. Then suddenly Peter MacKay decided that Americans making jokes about Canada needed his immediate attention, and demanded an apology, catapulting this non-story into a national issue.

This whole story dovetailed nicely with footage of soldiers carrying coffins of Canadians killed in Afghanistan, which fuelled the fire of Canadian outrage.

I cringe at how much ink will be spilled (unavoidably now, thanks to MacKay) because some idiot Americans on a 3 a.m. news satire show went too far with a bad joke.