Dominic Arpin has made it official: he’s no longer a journalist. He’s leaving TVA’s newsroom to start a new show called Vlog where they show videos they got (and hopefully licensed) online. His co-host is Geneviève Borne, so you know which one is the eye candy. (His blog, meanwhile, will continue as is.)

I’ve got to give the Domster some credit: At least he doesn’t call what he’s going to do journalism. It’s entertainment, produced on the cheap since they just have to find other people’s original ideas instead of coming up with their own.

I’m not sure how successful this show is going to be. It’s hard to say especially knowing so little about it. But I’m not holding my breath. I hope Arpin surprises me.

His post about the new show is interesting, because he talks about leaving the comfort zone of a unionized job for a high-paying, high-profile but incredibly risky gig that he can be fired from at any time.

Dominic: If you find yourself out of a job after a few episodes, you can always come work for Fagstein WorldMedia Ltd., provided you don’t mind being paid in Froot Loops.

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