Halifax Daily News gone, replaced by Metro

The news was announced this morning, with some Daily News employees hearing about it from other media (how classy). Transcontinental, the publisher of the Daily News, as well as free daily Metro newspapers in major cities (including Montreal), and community weeklies including the West Island Chronicle and Westmount Examiner, is going to replace a small daily newspaper with a free one that relies mostly on wire copy mixed with advertising.

The paper will go from 92 employees to 20. And journalism in Halifax suffers.

The Chronicle Herald, the other (and much larger) Halifax daily, naturally has the story.

Some other coverage:

UPDATE: The King’s Journalism Review has an entire section on the Daily News and its history, including interviews with now-unemployed staff. Meanwhile the Canadian Association of Journalists calls the paper’s demise a “dangerous trend” towards “news lite”

6 thoughts on “Halifax Daily News gone, replaced by Metro

  1. Christopher DeWolf

    Halifax actually had three dailies until 2004, when the Mail-Star (one of Canada’s last evening newspapers) folded. In its later years it was published by the Chronicle-Herald, though, so maybe that counts as 2.5 newspapers.

  2. mortimer

    Christopher DeWolf (comment #2) is incorrect. The Mail Star didn’t fold: it was published by the Halifax Herald, which simply eliminated its evening delivery (long after almost every other paper in North America had done the same).

    The Mail Star was simply the evening edition of the Chronicle-Herald: same paper, with a different name.

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