Peter Anthony Holder starts podcast

Peter Anthony Holder is a clairvoyant, predicting in 1987 that these new cellular telephones would be all the rage, though suggesting that using them doesn’t increase the risks of accidents because people drive slower when they’re using them.

A little more than a month after he was unceremoniously canned as the overnight host on CJAD radio, Peter Anthony Holder has struck out on his own, starting a weekly podcast that can be downloaded from his website.

The inaugural edition, released Tuesday, runs just under an hour and features weird news, emails from listeners, and interviews. Familiar fare for those who listened to him.

The podcast was the idea of Mitch Joel, the new media marketing guy. He published a blog post suggesting that Holder and other former radio hosts start their own podcasts to keep their names (and voices) out there. (I was a bit skeptical about that advice, which sounds a lot like people should just work for free when they’re fired from their paid jobs.) Holder took Joel up on the idea and Joel became the first guest on Holder’s podcast.

You can listen to the first podcast here (MP3). Unfortunately, there’s no podcast feed setup yet (Holder’s website long predates content management systems and is flat HTML), but hopefully he’ll set one up soon so people can subscribe.

Holder went dark when news of his dismissal broke, giving terse responses to questions and refusing to comment further. Eventually he opened up to The Gazette’s Kathryn Greenaway and published a post on his blog about it, saying that he had vacation planned and was going to take it easy for a while before deciding on his next move.

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6 thoughts on “Peter Anthony Holder starts podcast

  1. Mitch Joel - Twist I

    “sounds a lot like people should just work for free when they’re fired from their paid jobs”


    I don’t say to do Podcasting instead of a paid job. I think Peter is already getting work/projects. I said do it ALONG with whatever he is doing. I think it will either bring in advertising revenue or lead to other types of work (or both). You don’t Blog here instead of your other job. You Blog here along with it. Why? Well, I think you do it to give yourself a level of celebrity, reputation and attention that makes you some kind of commodity in the industry you serve (and, by the looks of the success of this Blog, it’s working).

    I started Blogging with no intention of making any money (this was after years of freelance work). Through the platform of my Blog, it lead to my columns in both The Montreal Gazette and Vancouver Sun along with my monthly column in enRoute. Not to mention it helped grow my company from 1 employee to 90 with multiple offices…. and a book deal.

    I think Blogs, Podcasts etc… are an extremely healthy way to demonstrate thought leadership and keep interested groups of people engaged. If someone does that, they can/will build reputation making themselves a valuable commodity in their industry. Just like you do.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I blog here for free because I’m sick in the head and I don’t know any better.

      I get the point about blogging-as-marketing, but sometimes I wonder if all the effort put into it is really justified by its value as a marketing tool.

  2. Ethel Annett

    I just checked out Lisa Fuocos blog on CJAD. They let Peter Anthony Holder go WHAT ARE THEY DOING. Going down the drain I guess.

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