Murray Sherriffs joins CFQR morning show

Murray Sherriffs

Murray Sherriffs

Proving once again that when you leave Corus, you join Astral, and when you leave Astral, you join Corus*, Murray Sherriffs, the popular morning man on Mix 96, who was canned from the station when it rebranded as Virgin Radio in January, will return Monday as the morning news anchor on CFQR 92.5 the Q (formerly Q92). (via RadioInMontreal)

Sherriffs’s departure caused a lot of negative reaction from listeners, who saw it as the biggest mistake of the rebranding.

Sherriffs will join morning host Aaron Rand, who has been riding solo since fellow hosts Paul “Tasso” Zakaib and Suzanne Desautels were ditched in August. Another move that caused a lot of protest from listeners.

Also joining the team is fellow Astral castoff Sarah Bartok, whose previous job was at Astral’s CISL AM 650 in Vancouver. She’ll be the traffic reporter. She replaces Shaun McMahon, who moves from traffic to show producer.

*See DiMonte, Terry; Charles, Patrick

UPDATE: The Gazette has a story, with reader comments.

8 thoughts on “Murray Sherriffs joins CFQR morning show

  1. Anonymous

    Feel sorry for him. Left for greener pastures and thought he had it made. Got fired and really had no options. Now he’s back where he did not want to be and probably working for a lot less money. How long will it be before another accountant decides he’s making too much, or another PD decides the show needs “a change” and Murray isn’t in the plans. Sounds like a pretty terrible existence.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh yeah!. And Barry Morgan gets fired to create the opening for Murray.
    “Thanks for accepting the low wages and the 3am wake-up call, Barry. Good luck with the family, and the job hunting. I think there’s an opening over at …..?”

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