Ted Bird joins Gazette as a blogger

Speaking of unemployed people in local media, Ted Bird (you know, the guy who left CHOM at the beginning of the year) is now blogging for The Gazette.

Bird wouldn’t say how much (if anything) he’s being paid for the gig, but he’s “happy with the exposure and the chance to establish myself in print.”

He’s continuing to blog on his own as well. So those who miss his opinions won’t be left wanting.

2 thoughts on “Ted Bird joins Gazette as a blogger

  1. colin adams

    Hi Ted,
    Have you heard about the local politicians ideas about adding 2cents or more for better public transport? I am english, but I do not remember there being an underground on the west island! Or am I wrong?
    If they hyke the prices anymore, I will go to Ontario to fill my gas guzzler.
    See you at Costco
    Regards, Colin.

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