Q107 spits out Peppermint

“Peppermint” Patti MacNeil, who some might remember as a former Montreal radio host who fled out west, is out of a job. Q107, which paired her with her old pal Terry DiMonte on their morning show, has decided not to renew her contract, and the Terry and Patti Show is now just the Terry Show.

MacNeil didn’t respond to an email seeking comment, but made a brief statement to the Calgary Herald saying she was “disappointed” and “sad”.

DiMonte, who has never been one to keep quiet about his feelings even if they might not be the most PR-friendly, said the move “blows big time”. But, of course, it wasn’t his call.

Before some of you start dreaming of a Terry & Ted reunion, the Birdman tells me that “convincing me to uproot my family and move 3,500km would take Terry money, and they already spent the Terry money on Terry.”

5 thoughts on “Q107 spits out Peppermint

  1. Vahan

    To quote a singer/songwriter “the times they are a changing”. They all had their moment in the sun. Internet radio rules.

  2. Alex H

    It’s sad to see an old friend getting the boot once again, but I would have to say that it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Terri and crew have not accomplished what Q107 was looking for (to take over the market, move from distant third to fighting for first). Unlike hockey where you change the manager, in radio you change a visible player in an attempt to chase a demographic’s tail. Patti just happened to be the visible player that could easily be removed, considering Terri’s contract is pretty solid.

    I can’t help but thinking that Terri will soon be tired of the radio world grinding itself into dust, and take a well earned retirement away from this whole deal.

  3. Sarah

    Q107 is a station, that in theory, I’d listen to. Unfortunately, they play too much Rush, Trooper, and CCR. Not to mention the poor choices they make with CanCon, Jeebus, waaayyyyy too much Rush, still too much Rush. Ladies like good music too, and that includes classic music – not asshat chat like Q goes on with. In the morning it was nice to have a woman’s voice, and humour – now it’s all part of the early morning void – either sports talk or boring lesbians blathering away about their favorite charities and their excitement about the golf season – not to diminish how great golf is for some people. Peppermint Patti had fun in the morning, she didn’t cow tow to Terry – and I felt genuine chemistry between them, the ladies on the upper levels have made a huge error – I’m assuming they’re ladies because only a woman would yank a host out of her position without a proper goodbye – on account of her delicate ego. This station will die a slow painful death, because the people in charge are retarded, miseducated, robot idiots with no minds of their own – they’ve got no taste, and probably never listen to classic rock – they feed their children the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. Seriously, Classic Rock now is probably how BBC was seen by the “yoots’ back in the 70’s. Looks like a bunch of “Yoots” or Fuckin’ retards are running Q107 now, because it’s not going to end well for them for sure. My apologies.

  4. Frank

    I listen in from Montreal when time permits.I know that will not have any impression on ratings but I am sad to hear that Patty is no longer on the morning show with Ted.
    Radio seems to be going to hell all around.
    Miss you Patti
    Miss you Ted
    Most of all miss you Terry.

  5. Rob

    This is an 11 years to late comment ” Man…. I Loooove Ted Bird….. ” BEG YOU PARDON…..”..


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