Alyson Lozoff leaves City, Sportsnet

Alyson Lozoff

Alyson Lozoff

City Montreal is barely a year old (and none of its local programs have even reached that anniversary) but it has already lost its first personality.

Alyson Lozoff, who was the Montreal reporter for Rogers Sportsnet and also the co-host of City TV’s local sports magazine show Montreal Connected, “is no longer with the company,” a Rogers Media spokesperson confirmed to me today.

She wouldn’t comment on why this is, and my attempts to reach Lozoff and City Montreal have failed to generate any response. Her Twitter account has been silent since March 22.

Lozoff’s departure was not addressed at all on the air. She last appeared on Montreal Connected on March 20 with co-host Wilder Weir as if everything was normal, without a hint that it would be her last show. During the week, the show’s Facebook and Twitter¬†accounts were changed to list only Weir as the host.

Weir hosted this week’s episode solo, never explaining why his co-host from the previous week had suddenly disappeared.

This type of disappearance usually indicates a firing or unamicable resignation (say, to join a competitor). I have no idea which of these is the case.

Lozoff’s disappearance is curious because if anything Rogers should be hiring more people to be covering hockey in places like Montreal where it currently doesn’t have any broadcasting rights but will gain them starting this fall. On the other hand, it could be that in the process of re-evaluating its staffing across the country, the company has decided that Lozoff shouldn’t be part of the team.

Or maybe we’ll find out soon that she got hired by TSN or something. I really have no idea.

All I know is that the teeth on City Montreal just got a little less white.

7 thoughts on “Alyson Lozoff leaves City, Sportsnet

  1. Lorne

    I hope she gets employed by one of the other networks, I really enjoyed watching her on Montreal Connected. She brought a nice bright attitude to the show.

  2. Marc

    That’s too bad. She’s a good reporter and not at all hard to look at. What’s sad is she likely won’t be staying in Montreal; the market being far too small to absorb bumped talent. Another win for Toronto, Calgary, or Vancouver.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Who will be taking over? They have another female reporter on the show right?

      So far Wilder Weir is hosting the show solo. Kelly Greig and Sean Coleman are still there, as producers and reporters.

        1. Fagstein Post author

          Will one of them be the new co-host? Or are we going to get a complete unknown from Toronto?

          No announcement has been made. They could continue with just one host, at least for now.

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