Slow down, Lewis

Les autoroutes ne sont pas des pistes de course

This sign appears on highway notice boards this week in anticipation of the Canadian Grand Prix Sunday on Ile Notre-Dame. It’s there because the F1 season awakes the armchair race-car driver in too many people who push their way-too-loud engines to the limit speeding recklessly down roads and putting people’s lives at risk.

Respectez les limites!

In case that doesn’t work, the second part of the message reminds drivers of how much they’ll have to pay if they’re caught speeding.

I was reminded of this tonight when, as I walked through the late-night F1 celebrations on Peel St. and McGill College Ave. and St. Catherine St., I came across a vehicle collision at the corner of de Maisonneuve Blvd. and Jeanne-Mance St.

Above is the result: A young family (with a small child) stand outside shocked (but unharmed) after their car was hit in the back and spun around. A bystander points west toward where the car that hit them had sped off.

The other vehicle didn’t get far. After speeding away from the scene with a right front tire ripped to shreds, it pulled over two blocks away at the corner of City Councillors (total distance: about 1,000 ft or 300 metres). They were quickly joined by police, who asked some questions of the driver (in the far left of this photo, trying to explain to an outraged bystander how this wasn’t a hit-and-run). Shockingly, the driver turned out to be a man about 20 with his girlfriend (the one with the see-through shirt) in the passenger seat.

The driver, who denied having drunk any alcohol, said he drove the two blocks because he was looking for a place to park, not because he was trying to get away.

The damage could have been a lot worse. A bumper and turn signal is much easier to replace than a child.

As to whether this qualifies as a hit-and-run, or whether speeding and/or alcohol might have had something to do with this midnight crash, I’ll leave that judgment to you (and, possibly, the courts).

7 thoughts on “Slow down, Lewis

  1. Frank

    I’m not sure if “leaving the scene of an accident” allows for “have to find a parking spot”. Clearly the Monsieur’s priorities are elsewhere than making sure the victims were ok. Book’em Danno ;)

  2. Fagstein Post author

    I was being sarcastic about the “shocking” part.

    The police officer helpfully explained to the young driver that it’s always best to stay on the scene of an accident, even if that means you’ll be illegally parked.

  3. Kate Savage

    As a former resident of Clark/Prince Arthur (right next to that sweet little park) – aka the summer urinal for the Main, especially during the Grand Pricks – THE best route for gunnin’ it back to show-off town, thanks.

  4. Guillaume Theoret

    I don’t want to be a downer or anything but this seems like an extremely minor accident. They couldn’t possibly have hit at more than like 20 or 30 max with that kind of minimal damage. Seems like any normal accident to me and not at all F1-speeding related.


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