Villanuevas take their message to YouTube

In a video message that was posted on Friday (via No One is Illegal), the family of Fredy Villanueva, who was fatally shot by Montreal police in August, ask why Fredy was killed and why, in the public inquiry that was called to determine the underlying causes of his death, the family (including brother Dany, who was also involved in the altercation) is not being offered the services of a lawyer they’ve been promised.

There are two sides to the shooting of Villanueva: either the police were defending themselves against young men who were reaching for their guns, or police officers panicked and shot at unarmed men when less lethal force was called for. The inquiry probably won’t answer the question, whose truth probably lies somewhere in between.

But why they’re not being given a lawyer, when the police have plenty at their disposal, is a question the government should answer.

A rally is being held Saturday at 1 p.m. at Henri-Bourassa Park (corner of Rolland Blvd. and Pascal St. in Montreal North) in the hope that the two questions will be answered.

1 thoughts on “Villanuevas take their message to YouTube

  1. Omi-san

    Why can’t these people admit that their Fredy was a little thug like his older brother? He physically attacked an officer of the law and paid the price for it. The end.


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