2 thoughts on “Another bad day: Torstar lays off 60

  1. paul

    Finding Canadian layoff notices through the main stream media has become a task. In Vancouver the local media seems to have taken an anti bad news stance. It’s pretty amusing except that this black-out is juxtaposed against a propaganda campaign by advertisers of condo’s and real estate for sale. Using the old ” six degrees of separation” rationale the layoffs are ubiquitious. Everywhere that is unless you’re looking for information on job loss, small buisness failure stats or other economic nad news in the local media.

    So, thanks for making an effort to put this information out there. I often post/read on a decent real estate site, Vancouver Condo Information .com, and there is occasionally some good info there. Garth Turner also has a decent blogmentary at “Greater Fool’ , I’m not sure whether thats .ca or .com.



  2. David Pinto

    The brief item announcing this in the FP begins …

    Less than a week after handing outgoing chief executive Rob Prichard a multi-millon-dollar severance package, …


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