And bring back Ste. Anne’s Market!

War criminals!

War criminals!

It’s springtime. The snow has all melted away, we’re about to get our first 20+ degree days, the Habs are out of the playoffs and the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste has found something to complain about in the Gazette.

Last year it was that whole Bouchard-Taylor scoop, which the Quebec Press Council ruled was correct though sensationalized.

This year, the group is going into the archives and asking the paper to apologize for encouraging protests against the Rebellion Losses Bill that led to the burning down of Parliament … in 1849.

I believe they’re also calling for the immediate resignation of editor-in-chief James Moir Ferres.

The Gazette hasn’t commented about the demand yet because, as everyone knows, nobody there speaks French. Staff at the paper are desperately seeking a fourth-grader to translate the release into angloese. (UPDATE: Editor-in-chief Andrew Phillips says the SSJB “should get a life“)

Incidentally, to the people at the SSJB, “entièrement décimé” doesn’t make sense. Perhaps you should go to your dictionary and look up what “décimer” means.

More coverage from Presse Canadienne and Canoe.

4 thoughts on “And bring back Ste. Anne’s Market!

  1. Jean Naimard

    I always was amazed by the fact that The Gazette was never terminated by the government for inciting a riot.

    (This is one reason why I **HATE** that newspaper; another is that they woke me up to sell me a subscription while I was having a fantastic dream*).

    * No, it wasn’t a wet dream.

  2. Tim

    Also pending is an apology to the Queen for the founding publisher’s pro-Revolutionary stance in the time when Montreal was conquered by the Continental Army. Yeah, right…

    Just as the sins of the father are not the sins of the son, . This is a common mistake with “décimer”, and it occurs also its English cognate “decimate”. The meaning if fully understood, though I’m of the opinion that if you claim to represent the defense of a language, that you apply that language masterfully.


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