It was really hot today, but that’s nothing compared to the forecast for next week, apparently:

CBC's Kenny Bodanis realizes he's made a typo in his weather forecast

One thing about putting your newscasts online is that the errors of live TV remain accessible long after they’ve aired. This is Kenny Bodanis (sitting, err, standing in for Frank Cavallaro), who accidentally added an extra digit to next Tuesday’s high during Tuesday’s weather segment on CBMT (fun starts about the 15-minute mark). He assures us it won’t actually be 234 degrees next Tuesday, though it might feel like it.

Then again, I have it on pretty good authority that the weather people just pull numbers out of nowhere for forecasts six and seven days ahead, so he could very well be right!

(via Alex Leduc on Facebook)

2 thoughts on “Butterfingers

  1. Nancy

    Another doozy is in today’s Metro newspaper. Turn to page six and take a good look at the photo for the Homolka story. The photo isn’t on their online version, unfortunately (or fortunately?)

  2. David Pinto

    There is a feature on the inside back cover of The Columbia Journalism Review consisting of bloopers — headlines, misplaced pictures, etc. — clipped out of newspapers and sent in by readers.
    One day, a good many years ago, one of the items featured three or four vertical blocks. Each block contained at the top the date of the next three or four days, along with a condensed weather forecast — say, hot, rain, 15 degrees (obviously, it did not say degrees, but had the degree sign).
    What was quite startling were the dates of these particular blocks.
    Feb. 28, Feb. 29, Feb. 30, Feb. 31


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