3 thoughts on “We Photoshopped stop signs to say his name

  1. Fassero

    Can’t wait to see all the photoshopped signs depicting Habs “fans” who constantly derided Gainey for signing Gomez, Gionta, and Camalleri while letting Koivu and Kovalev go which apparently brought on the start of the apocolypse prior to the start of last season.

    Halak did a great job in the playoffs but it’s easy to forget that the non-goalies blocked something like a ridiculous 400 shots during the run. It’s also pretty clear that Halak has a glaring weakness with high shots, managing with traffic in front of him, and puckhandling with his stick. The season hasn’t started yet. It might be time to cool it and see what kind of roster starts 2010-11 before venting and parodying.


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