13 thoughts on “Caption Kai Nagata

  1. Viewer

    “I’m tired of the mainstream media pontificating all sorts of outdated capitalist ideologies to me. Which is why I’ve decided to embark on a new career pontificating all sorts of outdated leftist theories about the mainstream media. The difference of course is that I’m brilliant and talented. And I have a Twitter account. Plus my Twitter feed started 2 months before theirs. Which makes me authentic.”

  2. Francis

    I should have been nicer to CW at CBC montreal.
    If she could pull all kinds of BS keeping ST and LM jobs, then she musta been able to help poor me.

    maybe I can work for Gregory Charles….naw, who would stoop so low.

  3. Arthur

    Wow, a blurry red logo on this Pharmaprix water bottle

    Why am I thinking about Rex Murphy!?

    I really hate staring at blurry cheap consumer plastic.

  4. dave

    Falling further than he ever expected and lightyears away from the days of Perrier and Evian, Nagata reflects on generic no-name water he’s being forced to drink.

  5. John

    The vessel with the pestle has the brew which is true. the chalice from the palace has the pellet with the poison, no wait, the chalice from the palace….

  6. Jim P.

    “There is bad Karma from these common water bottles. I will try again to leviate them to my mouth. Everyone repeat after me.

    Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
    Put ’em together and what have you got


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