8 thoughts on “Caption Alex Despatie and Joanne Vrakas

    1. sco100

      Don’t bet on that. Once clean shaven, he would probably look like his own son.
      There’s somehting pretty juvenile about the man (think “neoteny). We share elevators every now and then, and I do think he needs the facial hair to defuse the afterschool-special vibe he would give off profusely otherwise. He looks like the perfect tenant, mind you, but he’s just too nice. Nobody can or should be that nice.

  1. Pefder Magfrok

    Alexandre: “Ok Callers, stop asking for me to be on-air in my Speedo. Not gonna happen.”

    Joanne: “Noooo! I’m the babe!”

    Alexandre: “No Joanne, actually I’m the babe. We keep telling you this. You’re the smart one. ”

    Joanne: “I know, but just once can’t I be the babe?”


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