11 thoughts on “Caption CJAD’s Barry Morgan

  1. Frank

    Hmm, let em see why they nick named me Newton

    *Googles “Newton”*

    “Hercules’ main sidekick, Newton, the helpful boy centaur who has a habit of repeating himself every time he speaks”

    Is that so? Is that so?

  2. Lorne

    “And now I will take a break from the show to stare at the wonderful picture of myself that is on the wall. I apologize for the lengthy dead air while I do so.”

  3. Pefder Magfrok

    Man I look gooooood!

    But I would look even better if…

    Smile more? No that’s not it.

    Squint less? No that’s not it.

    Hmmm, bigger belt buckle? Yes! That’s it!

  4. James Kilkenny

    ok get this……the picture is really a window with Barry staring at the guy working at the computer.

    = MIND BLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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