Media News Digest: Influence questioned, Rogers cuts 75, Fazioli out at City

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5 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Influence questioned, Rogers cuts 75, Fazioli out at City

  1. Michael Black

    Jessica Deer has left “The Eastern Door”, getting a job at the CBC, I think something “indigenous” related. The newspaper was looking for a replacement.


  2. Michel

    Quite the Canadian diversity in this summer’s Amazing Race Canada. Out of 10 provinces and 3 territories, they’ve managed to find teams only from Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. #CanadaFail

    1. dilbert

      Forced diversity (let’s get a team from every province, every language, every gender (including those middle ground ones) and every sexual orientation – not to mention skin color and religion. Diversity is a BS excuse to pander to various groups than anything else.

      Every time I see an overly inclusive picture in advertising or whatever, I turns me off. Does every ad have to have a vaguely Asian looking person, a black person, and so on? Stilted forced diversity is as big an insult as not including people. Amazong race chose 10 teams that they think will bring the most to the table, and didn’t worry about checking boxes.

  3. Alain

    Breakfast Television Montréal = revolving door. At some point one would have to ask whether it’s the ones who remain who cause all the problems….just sayin’ ….good luck Fazioli!

    1. DS

      No kidding. Paul Rogers “retiring” now also. . How many bosses had this crew churned out? Rhetorical question. Sheesh!


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