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Dozens of Quebec election debates you may have missed

Think there were only three debates during the Quebec election campaign? Not enough time to debate the issues? You probably weren’t looking hard enough then. Thanks to the efforts of local media, there were a bunch of multi-party debates during this election campaign to complement the three official debates by the party leaders.

If you’re still stuck on who to vote for tomorrow, here are links to other debates that took place during this campaign, some on specific issues, some more general, and many that included all candidates in a particular riding.

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Media News Digest: Broadcasting review begins, labour deals at TVA & Radio-Canada, Express d’Outremont shuts down

Editor’s note: In the interests of maintaining my sanity and reducing the amount of time I put into these things, I’m limiting their scope to news that directly affects Canada (though I may occasionally add international news of particular interest to journalism). If you’re interested in getting international media news, you can check out sources like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, the New York Post, Variety.

News about news

At the CRTC

Ethical reviews





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Media News Digest: Union deals at Ottawa Citizen/Sun and CBC, new shows at MAtv, Torstar buys iPolitics

News about news

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Media News Digest: Lockout threat at Ottawa Citizen/Sun, strike threat at TVA, more hires at The Athletic

News about news

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Media News Digest: CRTC boosts TV quotas, more newspapers close, Postmedia buyouts

News about news

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CRTC renews all mandatory TV subscription orders

If the CRTC is trying to wean the broadcasting system off of free money, it hasn’t been showing it in the past couple of weeks as it has renewed mandatory distribution orders for most services that have that special status requiring all cable, satellite and IPTV subscribers to subscribe to those services.

Every service whose status was up for renewal on Aug. 31 was renewed, with three getting an increase in their per-subscriber fee and one getting a decrease. Overall, the total goes up by seven cents a month per subscriber.

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What to expect from CityNews Montreal, which launches Monday

Gazette photographer Dave Sidaway composes a photo of CityNews Montreal journalists Andrew Brennan, Akil Alleyne, Emily Campbell, Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed and Giordano Cescutti at the Citytv Montreal studio on Friday.

A handful of young journalists have been spending a couple of weeks rehearsing for the launch of Montreal’s fourth English-language daily evening local newscast. On Labour Day, ready or not, it goes live.

CityNews Montreal is part of the second half of five local City stations that have decided to join Toronto in having local news at 6 and 11pm. Rogers has determined that these evening newscasts are worth investing in as part of meeting their new requirements for “locally reflective news” established by the CRTC as of last year.

To get an idea what we can expect from this newscast, I watched the existing ones in Edmonton and Winnipeg, and talked with Dave Budge, VP of news and information at Rogers, plus briefly with Melanie Porco, supervising producer in Montreal.

The result is this Montreal Gazette story, published in Saturday’s paper. It explains how the anchorless newscast works. But for the TV and policy nerds, a few extra tidbits here.

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