Canwest cuts 560 jobs nationwide

CBC and CP and Reuters and the Star and the Globe and AFP and The Tyee have the stories, based largely on Canwest’s own press release. Others have inexplicably slapped bylines on stories that are based entirely on the press release. Canwest’s own news service also has a story, which exclusively quotes Canwest.

There aren’t any specific breakdowns beyond 210 in broadcasting and 360 in publishing, but it represents more than 5% of the entire workforce.

This all comes less than a month after the CRTC said Canwest and other conventional TV broadcasters couldn’t charge fees for local cable companies carrying their stations.

As a contract worker, it means I probably won’t be hired as a permanent employee any time in the coming century.

We’ll see.

UPDATE: Bill Brioux of TV Feeds My Family has some analysis of the broadcast side. Meanwhile, J-Source has some not-too-flattering comments about Canwest’s money troubles

7 thoughts on “Canwest cuts 560 jobs nationwide

  1. Tony the Tiger

    Let’s see……..Canwest announces job cuts…..Canwest reports on jobcuts…..Canwest spokesman quoted on story about jobcuts……staff have been cutback at television stations and newspapers across the country. Viewership is down…readership is in decline. And the solution is……. to offer less!
    Last person out turns the lights out.

  2. princess iveylocks

    Well, who else would CanWest quote, Moses Znaimer?

    Globe and Mail: “Ha! Suckers. Shoulda taken that buyout in 2006…”

    Aspers: [unprintable]

    world at large: [no opinion]

  3. Tony

    How about, other broadcasters for a comment on the Canwest decesion and how they are dealing with the general downturn in the industry? Or perhaps a journalism school teacher to talk about prospects for graduates, or some readers and viewers who will actually be affected.(other businesses might call them clients!) You may also want to speak with people from the industries that are causing Canwest to make this decesion.(Google, You Tube, Yahoo) Or how about a stock broker to explain how Canwest shares went from 12-bucks to shit in a year.
    The world at large does have an opinion, Canwest just doesn’t have a clue.

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