Natasha the angel of death

Natasha Aimée Hall: Note the evil eyes, which I totally didn't just Photoshop in there

Natasha Aimée Hall: Note the evil eyes, which I totally didn't just Photoshop in there

If you run a media company in Montreal, you should probably keep your eye out for Natasha Aimée Hall, alias Natasha Hall. Hire her, and you’re in danger of bankruptcy.

In December, she was hired at 940 News as the winner of its Talk Show Idol contest. Six months later, the station was losing so much money that it had to switch formats and shut down its news division.

It wasn’t long before she got a new job, joining CTV Montreal’s weekend show Entertainment Spotlight. But a few months later, that show too is being cancelled.

Now, she’s been hired at Q92 as a Sunday evening show host.

We’ll see how long it is before Q92 goes under and she seeks out another victim…

5 thoughts on “Natasha the angel of death

  1. Chris

    Hi Steve,

    Don’t you think you’re getting a little personal when you call someone an angel of death. I know this is really a poor attempt at humor on your part- but I think you’ve gone overboard here. After all- you work at The Gazette- how would you feel if people blamed you for it’s decline. Natasha is an employee, who, as far as I’m concerned does an excellent job and is just trying to make a living like you & I. Show her some respect.

  2. Fagstein Post author

    I’m constantly amazed by people who take me seriously. For the record, no I don’t actually think Natasha is the angel of death.

    As for someone blaming me for The Gazette’s decline, I would probably laugh.

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  4. Jade

    First off you should change your name to Douche Bag!
    Second who told you can write???? You are the “UN-FUNNIEST” person ever, you should seriously consider another hobby & if this is your job…POOR YOU, I feel sorry for you!


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