Pete Marier, Murray Sherriffs hired for morning show at Boom 99.7 in Ottawa

Pete Marier hasn't had a full-time job in radio since leaving CHOM in December 2011.

Pete Marier hasn’t had a full-time job in radio since leaving CHOM in December 2011.

Two popular Montreal radio personalities who have been out of steady employment for a while have accepted jobs on the morning show of CJOT-FM (Boom 99.7), a Corus radio station in Ottawa.

Pete Marier, who left CHOM over a contract dispute just before Christmas in 2011, had been doing some part-time fill-in work at The Beat, but otherwise hadn’t done much on-air work because he didn’t want to move far from his home in Knowlton.

He’ll have the morning show hosting job at Boom with Wendy Daniels. Daniels is a long-time Ottawa radio personality who had been at sister station The Bear for 24 years until just before it switched formats, then went to Boom to become the drive-time host.

Marier announced the news on Facebook on Thursday, reflecting on the “difficult” past few years:

Murray Sherriffs at The Q in 2011.

Murray Sherriffs at The Q in 2011.

Murray Sherriffs put his deep, soothing voice to work as the morning news man on Mix 96 until it was rebranded as Virgin Radio in 2009. Within a year he had been hired by its competitor CFQR (then The Q) to do the same job there. That lasted until September 2012 when that station, too, decided to look for a different voice.

He’s been hired to be the morning news man at Boom.

Sherriffs also spread the news on Facebook (where he has been very active recently, posting daily news updates), saying he has been asked to bring his characteristic commentary to the news:

Because of their stints at The Beat, both Sherriffs and Marier have a working history with Mark Dickie, who left as The Beat’s station manager in January to manage Corus’s Ottawa and Cornwall stations. They likely have him to thank for their new jobs.

“We are thrilled to have a diverse and experienced team of on-air personalities at boom 99.7,” Dickie is quoted as saying in the press release. “This ensemble is sure to entertain new and long-time listeners with lively banter and the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s.”

Rounding out Boom’s lineup, according to the press release, are Heather Ray doing middays, Tom Schoch on afternoons, and Sandy Sharkey on evenings and weekends.

12 thoughts on “Pete Marier, Murray Sherriffs hired for morning show at Boom 99.7 in Ottawa

  1. Bruce

    good for both of them, two vets which had been moved aside in Montreal because of lack of competition here, maybe Montreal radio listeners should check out web broadcasting to get some variety which we have none here…time for the CRTC to wake up

  2. Ted Bird

    Nice to see a mainstream commercial radio station recognize the value of polished, veteran talent. Good for Pete and Mur. They’ll do well.

  3. Johnny Bertolo

    Glad to hear that 2 REAL radio professionals are getting their shot in Ottawa. Montreal’s loss is Ottawa’s gain I say. Seriously…goo for them!

  4. Anonymous

    Extremely pleased to see these two beautiful voices and very talented men back on the dial, I’TS A FACT THAT MONTREAL’S LOSS IS OTTAWA’S GAIN-

    They will definitely be successful

    Fantastic to hear this :)

  5. Pete Rainville

    I sincerely believe that this move made by Mark Dickie and Corus will be a motivator to the competition in the Ottawa radio market. Having been extremely fortunate to have worked with Pete Marier for a few years (as occasionally Pete and RePete) at CHOM, was wickedly fortunate to know the always energetic sounding Wendy Daniels when I started in broadcasting and having admired and heard only good things of the legendary Murray Sherriffs, I see personality radio making a comeback in a city that has accepted polished radio for way too long. I am glad to know that the reason I left radio many years ago because of restrictions of being too bold but within acceptable limits yet honest about life observations and fearless of having to be politically sensitive all the time may now be the reason for an long overdue insurrection in the Ottawa market. For those who do not know who these talents are, be aware, listen in for a great ride and many laughs. And for those who underestimate the potential ratings earthquake of this move, be afraid…be very afraid! Lol. I only wish that I could be there for this momentous occasion but, alas, I am amongst the working zombies however my radio is now programmed for BOOM99.7. BOOMYAH BABY!

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  7. Gerry van der Weyden

    Great news for Ottawa listeners. Will tune in tomorrow AM (late to the table here – Oct 1) as I spend a couple of days in Ottawa – and now get to relive some good old days.

  8. Gerry Houle

    Nice to see Pete land on his feet in a competitive market. Ottawa is not Montreal, but they BOOM will treat him better than CHOM and Spalding. Way to go bud, you’re gonna be where you belong on top and behind the mike.

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